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Lumber And Biomass Industry

Renewable raw materials like wood and biomass are increasingly more important to power generation.

Renewable resources such as timber and biomass gain importance in the field of power generation. Plants, microorganisms, leftovers from wood processing, foliage and straw are amongst the materials which are considered biomass. Since biomass is available in many forms and flexibly applicable, it plays a special role in energy supply based on renewable energies. The leading energy producers use biomass to reduce or avoid the use of fossil and nuclear fuels. The different, specific properties of various materials require an extensive knowledge in the field of bulk handling. When creating the concept of a turnkey plant, the different materials already have to be taken into account. From acceptance of the material, to storage and discharge of impurities, to the inlet into the combustion process: we consider all important details.

DI MATTEO recognized the trend towards the use of wood/biomass for power generation early and implemented many pioneering, technical concepts.

Our offer:

Delivery of turnkey plants with the following services:

  • development of a concept under consideration of customer preferences
  • engineering
  • system control
  • construction of mechanical engineering and the associated steel construction
  • production at our company
  • installation of system components
  • commissioning of plant technology


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