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Planning and consulting

Cost-intensive errors can be avoided as early as the planning phase and the foundations for a smooth project flow can be laid. This is the reason why we offer our customers decades of expertise in form of planning and consulting services - regardless of whether it is the construction of complete systems, the modernization of existing systems, the implementation of RetroFIT projects or the replacement / exchange of individual components. The production processes of our worldwide customers are examined by our experienced team and appropriate measures are planned in order to achieve the highest possible availability.



Our qualified engineers develop and construct sustainable, customer-specific machines / systems. In connection with our project management, we offer a comprehensive solution for every project phase - from the request through to the acceptance and monitoring of projects. Professional and competent project planning based on the applicable standards and guidelines is a matter of course for us. With our in-house test center, we are also able to carry out detailed raw material analyzes, evaluate the results and adapt each component individually to the requirements of the material.


Manufacture and delivery

For over 50 years, DI MATTEO has been represented as a manufacturer of complex bulk material handling systems and machines in a wide variety of industries. The production of the conveyor systems and process equipment takes place in Germany on a manufacturing area of over 46.000 m² according to the quality standard of ISO 9001. In order to offer our customers efficient and particularly durable components, we have made the individual machine configuration our standard. This enables us to reliably adapt our machines to the respective application and specifications. With our established ModularSYSTEM our construction components, which have been tried and tested for many years, are applicable in any combination and can be composed into turnkey system solutions.

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Assembly and commissioning

As a central business partner for our customers, we offer an extensive range of services: from assembly and commissioning to successful function tests. Our experienced and regularly trained specialist staff, consisting of supervisors, fitters and engineers, is deployed around the world and managed complex projects in mechanical and plant engineering. We offer our expertise to avoid potential long-term damage and downtime due to incorrect installation and commissioning of your new components.


Spare and wear parts

Production downtimes are often caused by wear of machine parts and entail immense costs. Therefore, the supply of original spare and wear parts is an important point for increasing your system availability. For this reason, DI MATTEO offers a spare and wear parts service and located an extensive spare part warehouse. At all times, our specialists are available to support you in troubleshooting as well as in the selection of necessary parts and take care of prompt delivery directly to your factory. With pleasure we develop stock plans tailored to your needs in order to give you more flexibility and safety. The installation of machine parts as well as preventive measures such as inspections are also part of the services of our team.

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RetroFIT and upgrade

When general requirements of existing systems drastically change and simple adjustments are no longer suffice, a new building is quickly considered. However, this is not always the most economical and effective solution. In such a case, we offer our customers effective retrofitting and modernisation measures. Existing components are taken into consideration and re-used whenever possible. This not only reduces high investment costs, but also saves a lot of time. The goals of such measures are to improve availability, improve efficiency, and increase the service life of systems. Furthermore, a reduced maintenance effort is aimed for. We apply our ODM-RetroFIT conversion and modernization measures to DI MATTEO systems and third-party systems.



To prevent malfunctions and high replacement investments, we offer our customers regular maintenance measures. These not only increase the service life of machines / systems and thus promote sustainability, but also increase system availability.

Our maintenance service includes:

  • inspection
  • maintenance
  • professional repair



Training / courses for your staff on site:
concentrated expertise - we teach your employees to succeed with targeted, additional training and special-oriented training.


Wear protection | ODM-WeartecPRO®

In almost all areas of the bulk material processing industries, your system components are exposed to enormous wear. The consequences are increased maintenance costs, system downtimes and unnecessary replacement investments. We have developed our own wear protection program WeartecPRO® in order to increase the resilience of your machines and enable trouble-free operation. Ingenious processes, such as special surface coatings, linings or changeable inserts are included in our wear program and offers the right solution for every application.

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We create casted components for various fields and applications in our production facility in Dingelstädt. Depending on the customer's requirements, in addition to pure casting, we also offer machining and colour application process of the cast parts. Among other things, the work in the foundry includes: machine moulding, hand moulding, mouldings for machine building, castings for pumps, duct castings, artistic castings, and other custom-made products.

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