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Recycling Industry

With dedication and our wear-protection WeartecPRO, we support the market of material-recovery/recycling.

In the recycling industry, waste can be converted, among other things, into secondary fuels. Various processes are needed to sort, classify, and condition the products to be recycled.

In recent years, the field of glass recycling has increased in prominence. Secondary raw materials are a significant component of various, large industries and are therefore in high demand.

The recycling industry is an important partner to other industries who need secondary fuels as alternative fuels for their own processing. The better the preparation of secondary fuels – and therefore the removal of foreign matter – the more trouble-free these industries can produce.

To support this field and to achieve reliable durability, we also work here with our time-tested ODM – WeartecPRO wear-protection system. We will work with you to analyse any weaknesses with your components and offer suggestions to optimise your process. After careful analysis, we select a customised solution with high-quality materials for your wear-susceptible unit.


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