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ODM – Screw conveyors

Our screw conveyors provide transport your most varied and idiosyncratic materials, regardless of the angles – from horizontal to vertical.

Screw conveyors (also known as spiral conveyors) are well suited for powdered, granular, small-sized, semi-moist (british spelling w hyphen), and fibrous materials in all branches of industries. Constant improvements to our screw conveyors have have achieved a transport distances of more than 60 metres as well as a capacitance of 1,000 m³/h or more.

Screw conveyors are available in varying models and types. They can be used to discharge, dose, cool, mix, separate, compact, and load, as well as for their primary job of transporting. Depending on your requirements, screw conveyors can be implemented as dust-tight, air-tight or water-tight, thereby not only protecting your product from external influences, but also protecting the environment.

Should you only need to span a short distance of no more than 10 metres, screw conveyors without centre bearings are suitable and meet your requirements as a feeder, unloader, or intermediary conveyor.

DI MATTEO offers completely new units from scratch and spare parts for your existing equipment.

Benefits at a glance

  • modular construction with time-tested components
  • compact and robust design
  • quickly delivered, quickly replaceable
  • multiple applications
  • minimal susceptibility to failure
  • reduced spatial needs
  • dust-free and environmentally-friendly transportation
  • dust-proof, waterproof, or air-tight
  • shock pressure resistant
  • wear-resistant
  • long durability through additional protection against wear
  • use of wear-resistant and low-maintenance central bearings
  • heat resistant
  • screw conveyor design conforms to ATEX standards
  • minimised maintenance efforts
  • additional process steps can be integrated, depending on implementation
  • continuous operation is possible
  • usable at temperatures of up to 500°C with use of appropriate construction materials



  • Wear protection

    Our modular wear protection system ODM - WeartecPRO® consist of a wide variety of wear protection processes and offers the appropriate solution for any application. Special surface coatings, linings or exchangeable inserts extend the service life of the machine and avoid unnecessary production downtimes.

    further information…

  • ATEX design

    For special applications in potentially explosive areas, we design our machines in accordance with the ATEX directive 2014/34 / EG.

  • Temperature resistant

    Available in a temperature range from -40 C° to + 1,050 °C, depending on the requirements and application.

  • Equipment

    • Cleaning flap
    • rotation control
    • special paintg
    • attachment point
    • movable design
    • intermediate bearing ODM – DUROGLIDE made of grey-cast iron for the highest demands on service life, lowest possible maintenance effort

    Further options available on request.

Construction type:

  • ODM - Trough screw conveyor TSF

    • usable for transport, discharging and dosing
    • horizontal up to 30 degrees
    • bolted cover
    • can be used for conveying, discharging and dosing
    • horizontally up to approx. 70° increasing conveyance
    • conveying distances of up to 12 m without central bearings,
      up to approx. 64 m with central bearings
    • screwed trough cover for optimal accessibility
  • ODM - Pipe screw conveyor RSF

    • usable for transport, discharging and dosing
    • horizontal to vertical conveyance
    • conveying distances of up to 12 m free of central bearings
  • ODM - ScrewDOS® TSF

    Discharge and dosing screw system ®:

    • usable for discharging and dosing, preferably
      from bunkers and silos
    • horizontal to increasing conveyance

    Further information…

  • ODM - ScrewFEED TSF / RSF

    Feeding screw conveyor:

    • usable for transport and feeding
    • use for process chambers of any kind, e.g. combustions chambers, cement rotary kilns, waste incinerators, power plant boilers etc.
    • Further information…

  • ODM - ScrewSPLIT

    Trough screw system:

    • usable for simultaneous transport, discharge, dosing
      and distribution over several conveying paths
    • horizontal and increasing conveyance
    • conveying distances of up to 12 m
    • screwed trough cover for optimal accessibility
  • ODM - ScrewCOOL RSF

    Cooling screw system:

    • usable for transport and cooling
    • usable for cooling hot bulk materials, e.g. boiler ash,
      cement bypass dust etc.
    • horizontal and slightly inclination conveyance
    • optionally with open or closed cooling circuit
  • ODM - Vertical screw conveyor VSF

    • usable for vertical transport
    • high performance within a small space
    • conveying heights up to 12 m free of central bearings
  • ODM - ScrewMIX MSF

    Mixing screw conveyor:

    • usable for transporting, and for quick and efficient mixing
      of bulk materials
    • horizontal and slightly inclination conveyance
    • Further information…


    • usable for transport and separating
    • usable for separation of bulk materials according to
      different particle size
    • horizontal and slightly inclination conveyance
    • optionally with different screen inserts


Benefit from our modular system with construction components that have been tried and tested over many years. Our qualified specialists will be happy to put together the best possible complete solution for your application from the corresponding components.

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Our standard: individual machine configuration.

We offer you the possibility to adapt all machines to the requirements of your material. For this purpose, we use numerous options when selecting the design, the equipment and the materials of components. In the field of unique machine construction, we have been able to demonstrate our distinctive versatility and flexibility time and again.

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We are permanently at your side and will assist you before, during and after the product manufacture.


We not only accompany you during the design and production of the components and systems, but are also available to you during their commissioning, assembly, inspection, maintenance, modernisation and repair.


Take advantage of our spare parts offers and extend the service life of your existing components and systems through low investment.


Our components are manufactured on a production area of over 46,000 m2, largely independent of suppliers with a high degree of vertical integration.


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